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The website is redesigned from which was used by many students. As the website was shutdown so I had to redesign it. There are notes, digital classes, online question practice with reportcard, sample labs, question papers. You can contact me for any assistance. ­

For queries purpose skype is also available on this website. Your suggestions to improve it will be very useful. This website is for students of Indian and International curriculum.



Professor Walter Lewin was a very popular Physics faculty of MIT. He had recorded all his class and shared free of cost. These are very useful just like your own classroom. Watch them and each class is of 50 min.

These are inspirational videos and in this video a student in a village designed his own washing machine using bicycle. His name is Darshan Kolhe and is a student of 7th Grade. Science is all about solving your daily life problems.

Lecture Physics

Other Informations related to Physics.

A rare video of Albert Einstein where he talks about his research and realises that common people should be educated on his theory so that they understand the positive use of Nuclear energy. He also talks about peace.

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